For Strangely Familiar, curated by Ricky Subritzky, Fiona MacDonald with Fiona Hall contemplates home making and home security, possessions and dispossession. It enfolds us in intricate, insidious and repetitive patterns, bringing together old and new relationships between comforts and terrors. In its haunted domesticity we encounter after-shadows of imperialism and complicated folds of capitalism. MacDonald's work springs from her experience living in the US from 2001 to 2003. Birds of prey from Audubon's Birds of America are painted onto shopping bags. B-1B bombers crystallize on a drape, as other warplanes merge with falling leaves in a wallpapered domestic tableau. A desk lamp spins out of real-time with vision of Hurricane Katrina.
Text Ricky Subritzky

Installation view of entrance to Strangely Familiar at UTS Gallery Sydney, 2005
Tide Line, 2005. Bird skins courtesy Macleay Museum University of Sydney, tresle table. 90 x 1300 cm
detail American Raptors, 2002. Tempera on printed paper, 48 x 30 cm
American Raptors, 2002. Tempera on printed paper supermarket bags. 278 x 436cm. (50 pieces each 48 x 30 cm.    

Crusade (B-1B), 2005, Digitrally Printed silk drape, 280 x1300 cm (21 panels each 280 x 139 cm)

Source image for ground: geophysical survey plot - magnetic density data

Detail Crusade, 2005


Detail Fall Wall, 2005
Fall Wall, 2005. Screen-printed wall paper, 280 x 1400 cm. Light shade covered with wallpaper, 45 65 cm. Rocking chair upolstered with screen printed canvas, 110 x 70 120 cm
Daedalum, 2005. Zoetrope with gouache drawings, 74 x 40 x 40 cm (installation view)

Daedalum, 2005. Detail of spinning Zoetrope interior with gouache drawings Daedalum, 2005. Detail of Zoetrope interior with gouache drawings    

Log Cabin - JCI, 2005. Woven archival digital prints, 63 x 80 cm

Source Image Courtesy: Richard Woldendorp, Housing Development on Artificial James Cook Island, Sylvania Waters, New South Wales, 1996. Collection of the National Library of Australia

Daedalum, 2005. Zoetrope with gouache drawings, 74 x 40 x 40 cm (installation view) ,

Photo credits: Paul Pavlov, Martin Van Der Wal, Greg Weight



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