Collaborative Print Folio Fiona MacDonald, Maria Madeira, Narelle Jubelin, Victor De Sousa
Elastic / Borracha / Elástico
(2012 Timor-Leste Mobile Residency Archive).

Offset Lithographic Set printed by the artists with Big Fag Press, Sydney in 2014.
Installed double hung two rows of five -1240cm h x 230cm h each print 62.5 x 46.5 cm, unframed.
Document of informal meetings with weavers, builders and school children.

Elastic / Borracha / Elástico at The Cross Art Projects -

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Artist's Statement:

Elastic / Borracha / Elástico witnesses Timor Leste’s reconstruction through the eyes of four artists who travelled to eleven of the thirteen districts in a mobile residency in late 2012. The artists record everyday life and the inspirational work of women weavers and traditional builders whose resilient cultural upkeep subversively aided the forty-year liberation struggle. Their innovative work gives spirit and form to the challenges of rebuilding in a new democracy and one of the world’s poorest countries.

The title is taken from the universal collaborative children’s jumping game of Elastic / Borracha / Elástico and refers in English, Tetum and Portuguese to the ground-up rebuilding from scorched earth. It also refers to the zigzagging historical records, contesting geo-political points of view and the different generational experiences of the brutal four decades following Portugal’s de-colonisation of Timor Leste. Many truths have been told; many will remain untold.

01: Markets at Liquiça and Gleno
District: Liquiça
District: Ermera

02: Market at Gleno
District: Ermera


03: Alberto De Cruz, Albertina Da Cruz, Terezinha Da Cruz, Domingas Soares
District: Bobonaro
Sub District: Marobo
Village: Atuabe

Celina Pinto (Por Timor) Carmelite Convent
Sub District: Bobonar
District: Maliana

04: Suai Loro Community
District: Covalima
Village: Holbelis



05: Emilea Orzinda Amaral, Francisco Neto Amaral,
Ferninia Da Conceição,
Cecilia Barros, Ana Flora
District: Covalima
Village: Suai Loro

06: Cristina Da Costa with school children
District: Ainaro
Sub District: Hatu Builico
Village: Hau Tio
Uma Lulik (Sacred House): Mau Ulo


07: Paulina Amaral, Maria Ximenes; Eugenia Lopes dancing
with Rozantino Cristiano Amaral
District: Baucau
Sub District: Venilale
Village: Fatulia

08: Koperativa Girasol Alfayate I.T.N
District: Viqueque
Village: Beloi
Paulina Amaral


09: Anastacia Gama
District: Baucau
Sub District: Laga
Village: Nunira

10: Girls playing Elastics
Uma Lulik Buscaulari
District: Baucau
Sub District: Laga Village: Nunira



Open Archive No 3, No 4, No 5, No 6, 2014. Four short movies, duration 0:11:04. Video Production: Moon Cube Design


Open Archive 2, 2014. (Emilea Onzinda, Cecilia Baros) Inkjet print on archival paper, 50x300cm. Open Archive 1, 2014. Inkjet print on archival paper, 50x300cm.    



Elastic / Borracha / Elástico: Darwin <> Dili , duration 0:05:30.
Camera work by Victor De Sousa, Narelle Jubelin, Skye Raabe. Video edit by Fiona MacDonald & Moon Cube Design



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